DMT (Ayahuasca mix by Gaudi)

by The Ancient Order


about /// Artwork by Paul Zulauf

Special thanks and much love goes out to Gaudi for his amazing rendition of DMT.

Also a very special thanks to Jesse Morgan Davis on vocals.

Original track produced by Michael Philips

Remixed by Gaudi

DMT written by The Ancient Order
(released December 21st, 2015, track 13)
( Vocals - M. Allen
Guitar - A. House
Bass - A. Murray
Drums - J. Lloyd

All Right Reserved
Copyright 2016


released June 22, 2016



all rights reserved


The Ancient Order

The Ancient Order is a concept band combining progressive rhythms, melodic harmonies and thought provoking lyrics to create an organic mixture of original sound, stunning visuals, with a sense of community.

Connected through synchronicity, alignment and determination, its core members have operated as a collective unit since 2010.

In an age of awakening, this is our voice.

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